Young Curators, New Ideas III

Julia Oldham’s ”Fundamental Constants”

It’s always nice when the people behind the scenes get their moment in the spotlight, and that’s precisely what “Young Curators, New Ideas III” aims to do. Opening tonight at PPOW Gallery in Chelsea, the exhibition takes a look at contemporary art from the perspective of six up-and-coming curators. The result is six very different “multi-faceted and dynamic micro-exhibitions” that range from the banal senior art show variety and the requisite, been-there-done-that minimalist work to some honest-to-goodness promising unknowns, like Victor Vaughn and his cheeky take on illustration that combines humor and an outsider/folk art element. Most exciting is probably Julia Oldham‘s video “Fundamental Constants,” which she collaborated with a physicist on to explore her perception of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Her previous work draws on other elements from the natural world, like her 2009 video “Churr-Churr Ziz Ziz Ziz” in which she convincingly (and charmingly) enacts the movements of various insects.

An untitled work by Victor Vaughn

“Young Curators, New Ideas III” runs until August 20, 2010 at PPOW Gallery.