Warm Up at P.S.1

The rendering

The real thing

Remember back in January when P.S.1 MoMA announced the Brooklyn-based husband and wife duo SO-IL winner of this year’s Young Architects Program? If you got excited about the renderings for their winning design, the cheekily titled Pole Dance, get even more excited now that the actual space is up and ready for you to play in all summer long. As a refresher: Pole Dance is made of 100 free-moving poles, centrally anchored in a shallow pool and held together by a net that’s only ‘taut enough.’ The interactive structure encourages visitors to engage with the poles, to yank them around and tug on the net that holds up lots of big, bright rubber balls, creating and playing a kind of ‘rule-less’ game.

More than just a courtyard installation, Pole Dance serves as the party grounds for Warm Up, P.S.1′s annual outdoor summertime music bash. As last weekend’s kick-off proved, SO-IL’s design was a big hit, a crowd pleaser for adults and children alike. Warm Up runs from 2 – 9 pm and is the perfect way spend a weekend afternoon and get ‘warmed up’ for the rest of your Saturday night plans. Last Saturday saw performances by Delorean and True Panther Sounds, with Air France, Ratatat, Animal Collective and Questlove set to take the stage later this summer.