Sex degrees of separation

We, Em & Lo, worked with and are friends with (and Lo was apt-mates with) Jessica Baumgardner, who married Irad Eyal, which is our connection to the new book “Sex Degrees of Separation.” Irad has just turned his unhealthy obsession with celebrity hook-ups into an exhaustive encyclopedia that combines the idea of “six degrees of separation” and the game “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” with an emphasis on romantic ties and bodily fluids. Any “Us Weekly” subscriber (that would be Em) will be awed and amazed by the scope of this book, which includes extensively diagrammed connections between everyone from Paris Hilton to Diddy to, yes, Kevin Bacon. The graphic designers must be relaxing in a mental institution after this complicated project, which Irad compares to untangling a thousand iPod headphones that have been in your bag for a week.

In “Sex Degrees” you’ll find out that “Mark Wahlberg was convicted of attempted murder and that David Schwimmer has never married, possibly because his mom was Elizabeth Taylor’s divorce lawyer. You’ll learn how Lindsay Lohan hooked up in rehab and hear Bijou Phillips’ complaint about losing her virginity to Evan Dando hint: it involves tongue). Who would have thought Scott Baio was a mere 3 degrees of separation away from Steve Jobs?

Em knows what guilty pleasure reading she’s bringing to the beach this weekend.