Robyn's Bitch Track

Robyn, the Swedish disco-pop songstress, embarking on a tour with Kelis this summer has released her first of three slated albums this year already. I’ve highlighted the first single, “Dancing On My Own,” here already. The song “Killing Me” is equally as mesmerizing. The video is quite remarkable too.

The song sees Robyn, repeatedly, saying what’s killing her: drinking, smoking, her landlord, etc. It’s a bitch session set to a disco beat. It takes complaining to a new level. It elevates bitching to art. Impressive.

The video is a crude visual interpretation of those complaints, with Atari-like shapes flying around revealing her problems. But Robyn wants you to share in her misery too. By Tweeting #KillingMe, your issues too will make the cut and become part of the video, which repeats over and over and over again until you cannot take her whining. Or when you’re done complaining yourself.