Return to the 90s

If you haven’t noticed, Annie and Lisa have been thinking a lot lately about micro-budget filmmaking. Why? Full disclosure – we’re embarking on the adventure ourselves, we drank the Kool-aid and hope we don’t collapse in a fit of spasms. We have all the too-cool-for-school-tools. We got our Kickstarter, we got our 7D, we got a sound guy – wait – we didn’t get that, because the DIRECTORS are doing sound! Man, that’s cheap. Told ya … we got the fever bad … and we’re practically middle-aged women! What must the 20-somethings feel? In a certain sense the current wave out there is making me think about the early 90s.

The 90s was the beginning of my own serious film-going education. Rose Troche’s GO FISH? Wikipedia estimates the budget was $15k. TRUE LOVE by Nancy Savoca? The internet tells me $50,000.  And of course, CLERKS? $27k, says wiki, although it seems like another $230,000 was racked up in post. (That will not happen to us. That will not happen to us.) I blogged last week about HOMEWRECKER, which I can’t imagine was over $50k. All those fat fat years in between … a distant, distant memory, as I’m now right back where I was in 1990, a lean and mean recent college grad, living cheap and dangerous. Now I’m just twenty years older, have kids, a dog, a spouse, and a post-recession attitude to boot.

As we head out in a week to begin shooting our movie, which is a road trip from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara to Las Vegas to Grand Canyon to Arizona, we’ll be blogging in July about the considerations of this type of filmmaking.

Here are the trailers to GO FISH and TRUE LOVE … other women directors fighting the good fight, who started a long time ago with tiny, tiny budgets.