Movie in a Van

?It’s fairly unreal, but our entire film project titled SMALL, BEAUTIFULLY MOVING PARTS fits into a Chrysler Caravan rented at LAX. We’re making this micro-budget feature, you see, and there’s just enough room for two directors, one DP, one actress and one sound guy. The van happens to be, er, the featured picture car as well. Here we are, on our way to our next location (this photo was snapped after leaving Las Vegas – the only people to drive out of there that morning with absolutely no hangover):

Clearly, we are making a road movie, which usually requires an entire caravan of movie vehicles trucking across the vast, vast land. Instead, we are one. One family, in one van … which makes for a new kind of crew dynamic. A delightful discovery for us is that our lead actress, Anna Margaret Hollyman, deep down is really, well, crew. And amazingly so. We found this out the first day when we realized we had no extra person to clap the slate. A few nights later in Santa Barbara she was doing dishes. She helps hauls the gear up to the hotel room, figures out where we are if we’re lost, and drove through a major thunderstorm at the Grand Canyon:

And all this while simultaneously living the inner life of our protagonist … in the moment, and honestly! She celebrated her birthday with us (her new family) on the road too.

See a trailer for another recently-completed project below, the trailer for her short film ADELAIDE, written and directed by Liliana Greenfield-Sanders and starring our actress, our crew-mate, van passenger extraordinaire Anna Margaret Hollyman. There’s also a pic of Anna Margaret in our ‘grand’ location, and also the whole van crew: Mike Gray (OU grad student extraordinaire), Lisa Robinson, Anna Margaret Hollyman, Annie Howell and Charles Swanson.