How do I love summer? Let me count the ways…

Magnetic North (Derek Kan, Theresa Vu, and Taiyo Na) recently released this new music video for “Summertime” featuring Conchita Campos and directed by Davidian Shaw. The song is a tasty dose of pop music goodness that counts down all the things that are great about summer. This song is the perfect aural drink for hot summer days.

I’ve created my own list of a few things that I love about summers in New York City.

  • Exposing my pale skin to the sun and horror of other park goers in Sheep Meadow, Central Park.
  • Waiting 45 minutes in line for a Shake Shack burger that I will devour in 5 minutes.
  • Traveling an hour to a beer garden in Queens just to drink beer outside on a park bench.
  • Going to Yankee Stadium and rooting against the home team (Go Red Sox!).
  • Excitedly circling dates for all the free film and music events held in Bryant Park, Central Park and Prospect Park that I don’t actually ever get around to attending.
  • Jogging along the Hudson River bike path while getting passed by marathon runners and moms pushing baby carriages.
  • Sitting on the steps of Union Square and taking in all the bizarros and unique characters that add so much vibrancy to this city while praying none of them try to approach and talk to me.
  • Passing through street fairs that all look alike and overpaying for a bland gyro, corn on the cob, and socks.