Green tech finds (7/29/10)

Lots of vehicle news this week… from greener AC to electric vehicles for rent. Here are your green tech finds.

  • A new model for solar cells — blowfly eyes: A team of researchers at Penn State thinks blowfly corneas could provide a viable model for solar cells (via Discovery News)

  • Climate-friendly air conditioning for your car: GM plans to roll out a new air conditioning refrigerant in 2013 which performs 99.7% better in terms of greenhouse gas impact than current HFCs. (via Green Tech Pastures)

  • Hawkeye-built electric vehicles: The US’ first electric car plant won’t be in Detroit… but in Webster City, Iowa. Ames-based Envision Motor Company signed the deal this week.

  • Home charging for your EV: Coulomb Technologies announced the release of its CT500 Level II charging station for home and light commercial use. (via Earth Techling)

  • Mushroom-based packaging: New York-based Ecovative Designs has developed its EcoCradle packaging to compete with materials like Styrofoam. Consisting of agricultural byproducts, the material uses mushroom roots to “bond this packaging into almost any shape.” (via The Christian Science Monitor)

  • Another off-grid charger run-down: Need to charge up the phone or laptop, and nowhere near a plug? PC World tests out some of the latest charging devices powered by sun and wind.

  • The electric rent-a-car: St. Louis-based Enterprise will begin offering Nissan LEAF electric vehicles (pictured above) for rental in a few markets next year. (via Earth & Industry)

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Image credit: Nissan USA