Green tech finds (7/2/10)

Summer’s here, it’s hot, and so, naturally, we’ve got lots of solar news in this week’s green tech finds…

  • Fuel-efficient driving on your iPhone: Consumer Reports‘ new listing of smart phone apps for drivers includes Greenmeter, an iPhone app that “…monitors your driving and displays your car’s mpg, fuel cost, and carbon emissions.”

  • Is that a secret for more efficient solar cells in your pants…? No, not a really bad, geeky joke: researchers at Cornell have discovered a specific molecule “in blue jeans and some ink dyes” that could be used to build frameworks for cheaper solar cells. (via Treehugger)

  • Do lithium ion battery developers need Big Oil? According to a recent SEC filing by A123, the oil companies may have just the materials that these battery makers need. (via Cleantech Blog)

  • Floating solar panels… a water saver? American Recycler takes note of the unexpected benefits of floating solar panels on water rather than mounting them on land discovered at a California winery… including evaporation prevention, and algae control.

  • 80% more energy efficient homes? That’s what builder Meritage Homes claims about new houses it’s building in Gilbert, Arizona that feature the ECHO “solar energy solution system,” which harvests energy from the sun’s light and heat. (via TMCnet)

  • Because they show off Mona Lisa’s smile better: The Louvre has signed an agreement with Toshiba to shift to LED lighting in the outdoor Napoleon Court and Louvre Pyramind (ok, yeah, that Mona Lisa thing was misleading…).

  • U of Michigan takes the checkered flag… in this year’s American Solar Challenge sun-powered car race. See the winning vehicle above. (via Calfinder’s Solar Blog)

  • LA car dealer to add electric charging stations: Dealership magnate Mike Sullivan (aka LA Car Guy) is also quite the environmentalist, and plans to assist developing EV infrastructure by spreading six charging stations among his properties.

Find anything good this week… solar or not? Share it with us below.


Image credit: Alex Dowling/Michigan Solar Car Team media