Go deeper with memes of INCEPTION

A follow-up to Perrin’s review of the summer hit film INCEPTION, which blew a lot of people’s minds and had them questioning and wanting to do a deeper dive.  As a result, the film has inspired the Internets and produced many memes (one of which is seen above). I’ve compiled some of them here.  Warning – there be spoilers ahead!

  • INCEPTION architect Ellen Page’s worlds collide in…CONCEPTION. Well played. Well played indeed.
  • Meet…CATCEPTION (with a nod to dramatic chipmunk).
  • Brilliant infographic of the different levels. Favorited by the Internet.
  • Another great infographic.
  • Movie trailer mashups: Toy Story 3, Dora the Explorer spoof, and UP.
  • The best theory that I’ve across which explained everything and tied up all the loose ends.
  • College Humor “extracts” the deleted scenes during the closing credits.
  • The muscle of the movie Tom Hardy speaks about his past flings.
  • Minimalist fan-made INCEPTION movie poster.
  • Who made those sweet suits that Leo & Co wore?
  • If extractors were actually consultants.
  • This is my favorite observation: Hans Zimmer’s “thump thump” suspenseful score is just a slowed down version of Edith Piaf’s “Non, je ne regrette rien.” Aside from the implication as the AV Club explains that “we’re still submerged deep within the dream, far from the kick that will wake us up,” there is an even more meta connection which I noticed that truly made my brain explode: Mal is played by Marion Cotillard, who I last saw in the biopic LA VIE EN ROSE where she played the role of…wait for itEDITH PIAF!

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