Girl Scout logo gets a bang up job

After more than 30 years of tried and true service, Saul Bass’ logo design for Girl Scouts has undergone a makeover. The new logo, designed by the New York-based firm OCD, features a neck job, nose job and bang trim for the three ladies gracing the original green trefoil. It’s all part of the Girl Scouts of America’s newly revamped marketing strategy to “communicate the power girls have to change the world through Girl Scouting.” This new plan doesn’t mention adding activities besides hawking cookies and calendars or quilting sit-upons, but it does include a Spanish-language ad campaign, so now girls across America can sell Thin Mints as well as Flacas Mentas.

But speaking of cookies, couldn’t those cookie boxes use a redesign too? Seriously, that girl in the pink t-shirt has been sitting in that rope harness since I was gunning for my 100+ badge back in second grade. She probably has her own girl scouts by now. Unfortunately, Saul Bass isn’t around to lend a hand, but with a neck job, nose job and bang trim she’ll be au courant in no time.