Crocheted skateboard at group art show

Skateboarding goes high brow in this art installation by Jonathan Rockford titled “Kickflip to the Darkside” featuring a crocheted skateboard. He will be exhibiting as part of a group show “The Rise of Rad” at the Torrence Art Museum that highlights the varied implications and meanings around skateboarding.

This exhibition’s focus is on contemporary art that can trace its roots to this sub-culture-gone-mainstream, exploring urban architecture, resistance, and the core values of the skate phenomenon through the matrix of urban theory and politics. It utilizes theoretical, historical, sociological and contemporary art facets to explore how a Californian children’s toy went through technological advances that led to a revolution throughout youth culture and, in turn, spread to the world and impacted culture from the street to the museum.

Relatedly, this faux-documentary about the sport of “tarp surfing” received a lot of eye balls recently: these boarders do an impressive mimicry of surfing while riding skateboards or longboards as someone pulls a blue tarp along. I really want to try this…and expect a video soon of me falling on my ass with the sound of an approaching ambulance.