Five services that make compost for you

Composting is one of those green activities that may still scare you a little: after all, don’t decomposing yard waste, food scraps, and other organic materials attract bugs and smell badly? Done right, you can compost just about anywhere with minimal problems. But if you’re not interested in a worm bin in the apartment or basement, or shelling out relatively big bucks for an electric kitchen composter, the trash can isn’t the only option left.

While a handful of cities around the country provide curbside composting pick-up, in others, eco-entrepreneurs are stepping in to fill the gaps in a number of creative ways… and finding ways to profit on the front and back end.

A few companies that will make compost for you…

  • Missouri Organic: In business since 1992, this Kansas City-based company offers commercial and residential pick-up of compostable materials, and then sells compost and mulch.
  • Waste Farmers: This Denver-based start-up has grown quickly into the go-to provider for compostable pick-up in the area. In addition to selling worm castings and compost tea, the company’s Next Door Farm also plans to sell micro-greens and fresh produce, and is looking towards bio-based energy production.They also provide waste consulting services. (Note: Founder John-Paul Maxfield is colleague and friend).
  • Waste Less Living: This Pasadena-based company is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, describing itself as “a zero-waste consulting, event planning and composting service provider.” The Pasadena Star-News featured the company’s partnership with private school High Point Academy, which resulted in diverting over 9000 pounds of trash from landfills during the last school year.
  • Compost Cab: This D.C.-based service looks a lot like a typical municipal compost pick-up service, with one main difference — after nine months of using the service, you can start to “claim” some of the finished compost… or donate your share to a local urban farming non-profit.
  • Earth Baby: This one’s just a bit different, in that they provide you with the products they compost — Earth Baby’s a diaper service that provides parents of infants and toddlers with delivery and pick-up of compostable diapers and wipes. It’s based in the Bay Area.

Know of other companies turning “trash into cash” by offering composting services? Tell us about them…


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Image credit: normanack at Flickr under a Creative Commons license