The Times Square cool down



A permanent solution for the pedestrian walkway on Broadway in Times Square is scheduled for 2012, but in the meantime Mayor Bloomberg and the Department of Transportation are keeping their February promise to enter into phase 2 of the promenade’s redesign this summer. The winning design is Cool Water, Hot Island by conceptual artist Molly Dilworth. Dilworth is best known for her rooftop ‘pour paintings’ meant to attract the attention of satellites, especially those belonging to Google Earth. The stipulations for her work include recycling the paint she uses and allowing it, once poured, to basically do its thing.

Her Times Square proposal, which will, no doubt, be more closely monitored, is “an abstracted representation of Manhattan’s heat island effect, the extra blanket of warmth that plagues most urban areas.” Dilworth’s project, though temporary, is a marked improvement on the brick-colord epoxy that currently designates the pedestrian area. Not only does her color palette have a cooling effect, but it’s designed to reflect heat instead of absorbing it, making Times Square a bit more habitable on muggy, summer days. Look for it in mid-July.