Tetris everywhere

From the online photo collection “Tetris Tetris Everywhere”

The official Flickr blog highlighted this cool photo gallery “Tetris Tetris Everywhere” curated by user L Plate big cheese of photographs of accidental instances of Tetris-like pieces and juxtapositions found in the real world. While I was a student at Brown University, a group of classmates in the “Tech House” in April 14, 2000 created what was then the world’s largest playable Tetris game. Titled “La Bastille,” this game-slash-art installation required over 10,000 light bulbs rigged to 10 floors of the university’s Science Library. Watch a video of it here.

Man, I feel old knowing that when this massive Tetris art-game took place on campus, the following things didn’t exist yet: YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr, and LOLCats.

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