Steve Martin's (funny) rider

Leaked on his website, you can now read the fine details of the 3 page rider in Steve Martin’s crazy and wacky contract. Performers will often submit requirements to organizers and promoters that list their needs: most famously Van Halen’s rider for their 1982 world tour was 53 pages long and prohibited brown M&Ms (“WARNING: Absolutely no brown ones” underlined). Steve’s food needs include “six-packs of any canned beverage, for Steve to compare his abs to,” as well as a “tray of iceberg salad” with the all-caps important note that “Iceberg must come from Scandinavia, Canadian, or Russian arctic” because “artists do NOT like taste of Antarctic icebergs.” Steve’s rider also shares something in common with Sarah Palin’s tour needs: the requirement of bendy straws! View more riders at The Smoking Gun.