Redford Center's Art of Activism Program with Rosario Dawson: June 9 in San Francisco

Don’t miss the Redford Center’s upcoming Art of Activism program: June 9 at the Sundance Kabuki Cinemas in San Francisco.

The evening will examine and celebrate the leadership efforts of award winning actress, Rosario Dawson (Rent, Kids, Seven Pounds), and two extraordinary Bay Area activists, Martha Ryan and James Burk.

Rosario Dawson will discuss the motivations and inspiration behind her work with Voto Latino, V-Day, the Lower East Side Girls Club, and many other causes and groups.

Martha Ryan, a nurse practitioner, will talk about what led her to start San Francisco’s Homeless Prenatal Program in 1989. Today, the organization serves over 3,000 families a year and employs a staff comprised of dozens of former clients.

James Burk will share his story of how a childhood illness created by a poor diet of process foods has him determined – at age 19 – to make fresh, healthy food available to his and other low-income communities in America through his Oakland-based program, the Healthy Neighborhood Store Alliance.

If you are in San Francisco please join us on Wednesday, June 9. Purchase your tickets [] soon, as the theatre has a limited capacity.

Watch the video below for footage from a recent event earlier this year.

Art of Activism – February 4th 2010 from The Redford Center on Vimeo.