Pride in 2010

This weekend is Gay Pride in NYC and I am getting the hell out of dodge. Just kidding! I will be back in town for Sunday’s parade and Pier Dance to get my gay on. The boys over at the blog this is fyf asked some bloggers, artists, and queers a simple question: “In 2010, what does Pride mean?” They received many answers from a variety of homo-voices.

My essay was the leading entry in the series. I think it’s the best, but I am biased. That’s a joke, Mary. Full Frontal Fashion’s Cator Sparks and former Gawker editor Choire Sicha were among the gays who took on the project. Frankly, some of the posts annoyed me. And some were really remarkable. But the collection showcases diverse voices with one thing in common: we’re a little bit queer.