Phaidon gets Creamier

“Debora Muller,” by Roe Ethridge, 2008

Phaidon is hitting heavy this month with two major releases, “Take 100: The Future of Film,” which profiles 100 of the world’s most promising new directors and “Creamier.” “Creamier is the fifth book in the celebrated “Cream” series, which has served as a forecaster of contemporary art since 1998. Like its predecessors, “Creamier” showcases the 100 most exciting emerging artists chosen by the world’s top 10 curators. Each curator chooses 10 artists each as well as one key work, which are compiled in an appendix and represent the 10 most “relevant or influential” individual works in today’s art scene.

“If Nothing Changes, It Changes Nothing,” by Lisa Anne Auerbach, 2008

It’s a pretty exciting idea to have the best working artists in the world on display, at your fingertips. But how best to present this “exhibition-in-a-book?” According to Sonya Dyakova, Phaidon’s Associate Art Director, “when we are presenting 100 new artists to the world, we are making news.” So to emphasize its newsworthiness, the book is designed like a newspaper, with a headline on the first page followed by a debate between the curators about the current issues in the art world today. Like a newspaper, it’s printed in a large format on unbound sheets that slip inside a portfolio much like a newspaper slips inside a briefcase; Its peach-color is a conscientious nod to The Financial Times. As a further acknowledgement that we live in financial times, “Creamier” is much more affordable than the other books in the series. Normally listed at $40, you can pre-order now for $32.