Michael Jordan's Hitler Mustache

Here’s one for the “WTF” column.  Michael Jordan, basketball legend cum underwear pitchman has embarked on what could perhaps wind up being the most bizarre comeback of his career…the return of the Hitler mustache.  In his latest  turkey of an ad for Hanes,  Jordan perplexingly sports a  Hitler mustache.   Don’t believe it? Take a look. Perhaps his NBA hall of fame speech didn’t alienate people enough? Perhaps Jordan feels he can overcome Hitler’s legendary “fashion don’t,”  with his patented “devil-may-care” flash of  gatorade-rinsed pearly whites?  For all of you conspiracy theorists, if you dare to investigate the etymology of the name “Hanes,” you’ll find that it is actually a word of German derivation meaning “dwells in a hedged enclosure.”  Hmmm. Perhaps the “hedged enclosure” is Jordan’s upper lip and the hedge,  his new facial hair which we are pleased to officially dub, “The Hanes.”