La Isla Alejandro

I appreciate Lady Gaga. Really I do. The pop culture/art/downtown performers/drag references in her work often make me giggle, sometime make me wince, but also make me think that’s she’s pretty bright for someone her age.

What I don’t like about Gaga, and what I think Madonna did effortlessly, is that she seems incapable of stripping down her costumes. Where Madonna was equally as intriguing in cone bra, Monroe drag, and as tom boy, Gaga seems only comfortable dressed like Leigh Bowery. I want her to forgo the costumes, not forever (God No!), but maybe here and there?

The above video, shot by fashion photographer Steven Klein, is an homage to Madonna. It, like Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight,” conjures up Madge’s “Express Yourself”. And while I love Gaga’s looks in the video, the song itself, is not dramatic. It is one of her weakest efforts to date. So I have a hard time relating the music of “Alejandro” to the video “Alejandro.” They just don’t fit.

What does fit is Madonna’s video to “La Isla Bonita.” Cut up to match “Alejandro’s” poppy hooks, the below video makes the case I present above: Gaga needs to lighten up. Not everything needs to be high art. Sometimes, pop, as seen in Madge’s camp performance below, does the trick.