Johnny Weir to blog for SUNfiltered – so gear up for season finale on June 27!

Johnny Weir at the Independent Spirit Awards

On behalf of Johnny…

Guess who’s going to be dropping by SUNfiltered the next few weeks? Our very own Johnny Weir! So all you Johnny fans be sure to check back and hear what’s on his mind. What will he be writing about? Well, we don’t have a clue (ok, sorta) but we figured he needed a place to keep everyone updated on where he’s going and what he’s up to. That alone sounds like fun to us!

We’ve been following Johnny after the Olympics and have the season finale of BE GOOD JOHNNY WEIR coming up on June 27 at 10pm.  Will he ever skate again? Tune in and find out.

Did you miss some of the earlier episodes or are you just dying to see them again? Tune in to our Johnny-thon beginning on June 23 at 7pm.