Jane Lynch's Apple spoof

Jane Lynch is funnier than pretty much everyone on TV. Actually, she is far and away funnier than just about every working actor today. This is a fact in the gay world, where Ms. Lynch, a married lesbian, is becoming a camp icon. Move over Gaga, Sue Sylvester is in town. She’s perfectly terrifying on Glee (one needs only to watch Sneaky Gays again) and in last night’s season finale Lynch’s character, famous for being a super bitch, showed she had heart too. Go figure. She’s versatile.

I hope she does much work during her downtime from Glee. From the looks of the above video, a parody of Apple commercials, she’s even better outside of primetime. Delivering a hilarious and tasteless (in the good way) performance, the spoof is the funniest thing you’ll watch this week.