Iconic photos in Simpsons and more

One of my favorite historical photo blogs Iconic Photos has a fun compilation of screen captures of The Simpsons paying homage to famous photographs. Each Simpsons picture is accompanied by helpful links back to the original. Some of the more cerebral allusions, such as this one are unsurprising consider the show’s roster of Harvard Lampoon alumni among its writing staff. This website lists all the various references on the Simpsons to the Ivy League universities, such as my alma mater Brown. In one episode Lisa has a nightmare that Harvard passed on her application to Brown: “No, not Brown, Brown, Brown…”

Also, a real life replica of the Simpsons house was built in the Springfield South Valley Ranch subdivision in Henderson, Nevada in 1997 where it was given away as a contest grand prize. You can have a view of it yourself thanks to Google Maps Street View.