I, a Jew, will miss Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas — You will be missed… If only by me.

OOooof… what a week! I got my ass chewed out on Facebook for saying I would miss Helen Thomas… Okay. Half of what she said was pretty indefensible (I am of the mind that Israelis should, indeed, stop building on settlements. However, I do not believe they should “go home to Poland or Germany.”) — but, she is also a woman whose career broke glass ceilings. She was one of the only reporters during the Bush administration that would push the President on the illegalities of the war instead of towing the administration’s line. She constantly for years peppered presidents with pertinent questions that needed to be asked and weren’t. The fallout was crazy. I posted something saying it saddened me that she would be a.) fired for an opinion and b.) let her career go down the tubes for saying some stupid shit like that.  And yes, c.) saying that stupid shit to begin with. (However, if I was fired for saying stupid shit, I’d be unemployable… then again, I get paid to write stupid shit. Just not THAT stupid shit).

On the bright side, it spurred some serious debate, which I love. So, let me say it again. I, a Jew, will miss Helen Thomas. Her career was important to any female journalist. It is alarming how, if anyone says anything in defense of Palestinians — or thinks the Israelis may have gone a tad too far, or wants to have an intellectual and NOT emotional discussion on Israel — how easily they are labeled Nazis. That, and Sarah Palin is sending out righteous messages about how Helen is the anti-Christ. If Sarah Palin’s on your side, you know shit is messed up! Either that or Palin just loves attention and will comment on anything that will get her on TV. I swear, bitch has aides hooked up to Twitscoop to tell her what topics are hot that day to comment on.

Meanwhile, I am so annoyed with our TV peeps lately. Even more so than usual… get this headline: “Pundits Pine for More Emotional President”… Screw them. I pined for a smart, logical president who spoke from his brain and not his gut. And finally I got one. So Obama doesn’t make for good TV — that’s not his job.

Oho — and remember crazy Gigi from Sundance? She came to visit NYC. She just got a new job that will apparently bring her to town two weeks out of the year. My liver is crying in anticipation, but let’s be honest: We all need some Gigi in our lives! We went to dinner the other night and she went all Zoolander on some dude in the elevator… Seriously. This hot guy was in an elevator with us — she spun around, gave him her best Blue Steel and said, “Haaaaay….” — Then spun back around before flouncing out of the elevator. Genius. Except he had a girlfriend.

Another Sundance Post Script: Remember Muscle Milk from Sundance??? Turns out I was right to be creeped out! Shit has, like, lead in it!!!! Get Ripped with Poisonous Muscle Powder.