Guggenheim teams up with YouTube

You probably never thought you’d live to see the day when those little white museum placards would list YouTube as a material. That day has finally arrived and it might not be such a bad thing. The Guggenheim recently announced a partnership with YouTube for their first Biennial of Creative Video, a collaboration that embraces the changing face of new media and addresses the ways artists seek exposure. The project is headed by Nancy Spector, the Guggenheim’s deputy director, chief curator and jury chair of YouTube Play, and she admits it’s somewhat of an experiment. While the museum doesn’t “create a hierarchy among mediums,” she explains, they’ve also never worked with the world’s number one enabler of cute kitten videos. “This collaboration gives us the chance to explore digital media and to see if it functions in the museum.” With the final exhibition scheduled to last only a few days, that seems like a mighty big IF.

The deadline to nominate a video (you can nominate your own) is July 31. A yet-to-be-announced jury will then select 20-25 videos that will be presented in the Guggenheim in late October and simultaneously at the museum’s Berlin, Bilbao and Venice locations.