Gay Pride: Lizzy the Lezzy

As SUNfiltered’s gay voice I have to tell you how pleased I am that LIZZY THE LEZZY can now be seen on Sundance Channel. Yes, Sundance Channel is celebrating Gay Pride this June by rolling out a series of animated shorts about a sex-craved lesbian. She’s dirty. And crass. No wonder I’m a fan!

How can you not love a character who describes herself as a pervy lesbian muff-munching freak? She compares love to a penis, sometimes hard and sometimes a disappointment. She talks growing up gay with her friend Gary the Gay. And she even, here and there, drops the vulgarity and speaks of love. But she always comes back to sex. Thankfully.

Who would have thought I’d become such a fan of lesbian sex? But I am now thanks to Lizzy. Does this mean I am now bi? Watch more episodes of Lizzy here.

On top of Lizzy, Sundance is pretty much gay all month with films and documentaries as part of LOVE LOVE. Read more about all the gay themed films airing all June.