From Dolce & Gabbana’s Calcio campaign

Think of this as your FULL FRONTAL FASHION cliff notes.

For all you World Cup fans – we don’t care if your cheering for the USA team or not – you can always cheer for Dolce & Gabbana. Check out who is inside their locker-room…

With long, tousled hair and a pared-back though idiosyncratic style of dress, David Hershberger, as his label’s name suggests, appears to be from another era. Musing on the terrible twos, he remembers his baby steps in the world of fashion.

Finding echoes of Rodarte and Lanvin in the aisles of Payless, Lynnie takes us on a journey through the pitfalls and payoffs of bargain shopping.

Patrick McMullan and 10,000 eager yogis of all levels came together at the Great Lawn in Central Park on Tuesday to get their “downward dog” on – where were you?