Extreme makeover: fancy fast food edition

Fancy Food is a website where users submit before and after photos and recipes of their classy culinary creations and dishes using only their limitless imagination and ingredients from fast food chains. Devon Knight and Jason Isch of Cornerstore Restaurateur submitted this delicious looking “Seared Pollock Cake with Southwest Ramalan Sauce” made with just the following items from the McDonald’s menu: Filet-O-Fish, Southwest Salad, 1 soft drink, and packets of salt and pepper.

Take your packet of Southwest salad dressing and strain it into a frying pan over low heat; we want to warm it, not cook it. Take the discarded fish breading and rub it on the bottom of a separate frying pan. The grease from the breading will give you just enough oily coating to sear the fish cake — yummy. Heat the pan until grease is gently smoking, then flip the cake mold over the hot pan and sear the fish cake on both sides.

What a darn waste of a delectable fish sandwich.

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