Casa Susanna

As I wrote in my previous post today, it is Pride ladies and gentlemen! Gay Pride in NYC means, if you’re lucky enough, getting invited to the Mayor’s house, Gracie Mansion, for a big gay BBQ. Now mind you, Bloomberg does NOT live there. Why would he? He’s so rich he can live somewhere nicer and somewhere NOT all the way over on East 88th Street. Gays can barely breathe above 23rd street, how did I make it to 88th! But I stuck it out and smiled for a photo with the mayor and ate brownies. You can tell it was a recession, the wine poor was so short. Way too short for a gay event.

But back to Pride. I could expound upon the fun and the wigs and the chaps and the glitter and the gay unicorns I will see this weekend, but I won’t. What I will do is introduce you to Casa Susanna. My ex recently gave me this book, which is a picture book of men dressed as women posing on an upstate New York estate in the 60s. Casa Susanna was a place the New York Times called a “refuge for transvestites on 150 acres in the Catskills.”

The book is not new, published in 2005, but it is new to me. Reading this Times piece and seeing these photos makes me proud. Individuality can be normal. Just look at the ladies of Casa Susanna. Happy Pride!