Boobs and BP at Coney Island's 2010 Mermaid Parade

In case you missed it, last Saturday was Coney Island’s 28th (if we did our math right) annual Mermaid Parade. It’s usually one great big, silly, public, burlesque parade of skimpy costumes, garish mardi-gras art and mer-related merriment. But this year had a political vibe to it like no other: protests against BP and the oil spill. Brooklyn Vegan and NBC New York have some great pics from the event. Nerve, of course, culled all the boobie ones. But some of the best images are of the political commentators, with signs like  “Oil makes my scales fall off” and “Survivors of the BP Oil Spill” and “Emergency Mermaid Service.”


photo by Chris La Putt for Brooklyn Vegan