Best condom tagline ever: "You can't wait to get it on"

Trojan Fire & Ice – Kinda Like a Thrill Ride from Raymond Forbes on Vimeo.

We just saw this awesome condom TV commercial from Trojan the other day. We’re not necessarily endorsing the product, just the ad. First of all, the tagline “You can’t wait to get it on”? Genius. How has this not been used to promote condoms before? Second, you gotta love the taboo busting: yes, women buy condoms, yes, women like sex, and no, you don’t have to be embarrassed about buying or using condoms. Ad agency The Joey Company made the commercial series for Trojan (there’s even better one here!) in order to do these 2 things (according to their website):

  1. We normalize the discussion of condoms by making it public, staging the story where people feel most self-conscious: the pharmacy.
  2. We place the woman (not the guy) front and center in purchasing condoms, in a way that is smart, relevant, and very, very entertaining.

We think they’ve succeeded.