10 thoughts on the separation of Al and Tipper Gore

  1. Really? The Gores? The couple most likely to make it to old age on a rocker-for-two on the front porch?!

  2. Not the Clintons? We have to admit, it’s a little refreshing to know that even such public marriages can have their secrets and mysteries.

  3. We now feel truly bad about the number of times we made fun of the Gores’ ew-Mom-and-Dad-are-kissing smooch at the 2000 Democratic Convention.

  4. Do you think Al Gore will grow back his beard for post-divorce dating?

  5. Our favorite Gore Twitter meme: Al & Tipper Gore are divorcing; who gets custody of the Internet?

  6. Thank god for the Obamas; if we weren’t so enamored of their marriage, we don’t think we’d be able to handle this news.

  7. The real sadness? The thing that’s been gnawing at us since we found out? There’s no scandal, no Third Party, no smoking gun. Just two people who eventually grew apart and quietly agreeing that the marriage is over. How can you fortify your own marriage against that?

  8. Let’s hope the Gores show us the classy, caring, respectful way to divorce your high school sweetheart after forty years. If anyone can do it, the Gores can.

  9. Do you think there’s a teeny-tiny part of Bill and Hillary Clinton that secretly feels a little triumphant that they outlasted the Gores?

  10. Forty years of happy, loving, passionate, respectful, mutually supportive marriage is something to be celebrated, no matter how it ends.