10 reasons why we love Samantha Bee

  1. She posed in a bee costume for the cover of her new memoir, i know i am, but what are you? And still manages to look kinda hot in it.

  2. She’s a fan of pubic hair. “Our body looks weird without it,” she told The Frisky. “Vaginas don’t look that nice to me without it. Like, little girls have cute vaginas. But lady vaginas, you need a little hair. It makes it look better. I just resent being told I’m supposed to do something with my pubic hair. Fuck off! It’s my thing. If you don’t like it, let’s move on. I don’t like you.”

  3. She’s 40 and sexy in a totally non-cougarific kind of way. (If we find out that she owns any animal-print clothing, we might cry.)

  4. She’s currently heavily pregnant on TV for the third time and her career is taking off more than ever.

  5. She once worked in an erectile dysfunction clinic.

  6. She wrote a hilarious book while keeping her full-time job at The Daily Show and being a mom to two kids — she says she wrote it after they were asleep. Okay, so maybe that makes us hate her just a teeny bit. But she is an honest-to-god role model and we’re a little short on those these days, especially of the female variety. We wouldn’t even care if she made a video of herself in a spangly bikini dancing to “All the Single Girls”; she’d still be an awesome role model.

  7. She can make us simultaneously laugh and cry about reproductive rights, like when she tried — in vain — to get delegates at the 2008 Republican National Convention to say the word “choice.” It became the new c-word, she said: a word the campaign “eradicated from their vocabulary.”

  8. As a teenager she stole cars and had a crush on Jesus. ”I’ve spoken to a lot of lapsed Catholics since I wrote the book and we all had a crush on Jesus,” she told Terry Gross. “I mean, he was really designed that way for young girls to find him sexy and attractive. … I can instantly recall the guy who played Jesus in Jesus of Nazareth — I mean, that was a really important part of it for me. I wouldn’t have been interested in it at all if he hadn’t had dazzling blue eyes and wonderful silky hair. I mean, would any of us?”

  9. She met her husband, fellow Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones (the hilarious and hairy one who likes to pose in his underpants), while touring with a kids theater production of Sailor Moon.

  10. She says she embraces the process of aging and we actually believe her. “I’m only really a functioning adult now that I’ve hit 40 and through my 30s, and I would like to take some of the power back,” she told the Toronto Star. “I feel it’s my time to shine, and yet here my dermatologist is recommending all these fillers for my face. And I’m like, listen. I’m fine. It’s fine. I don’t need to pretend to be something that I’m not. I colour my hair like a motherfucker, but anyway.”