US vs Mexico volleyball game over the border wall

In light of the recent controversy over Arizona’s misguided, unconstitutional, and racist anti-immigrant law (yes, I’m editorializing here, but I think history will agree with me), this old photograph resurfaced on the Internet. It captures a festive volleyball match between Arizona and Mexican citizens whose respective towns of Naco (yes, they are named the same) is split by the border between the two countries. According to one source, this photograph was taken at the inaugural game held in 1979 as a gesture of goodwill between the two towns. As BuzzFeed’r melismashable asked, “What happened to you, Arizona? You used to be cool.”

Relatedly in 2005, Venezuelan artist Javier Tellez conceptualized a bit of performance art in which American “human cannonball” David Smith was shot out of a cannon over the border wall from Tijuana into a safety net on the other side in California. Watch the video of it here.