"Stand By Me" covers: Bruce and Bono's duet and more

From the music time capsule, check out this old YouTube video of Bruce Springsteen joining Bono, who is sans sunglasses and wearing a cast, for a duet of “Stand By Me” at a U2 concert in Philly on September 25, 1987 during The Joshua Tree Tour. As one of the most played songs ever, its list of covers is lengthy. For instance, I didn’t know that before he became Muhammad Ali, Cassius Clay took a jab at it in his 1963 album “I am the Greatest.” Of course, there’s John Lennon’s (RIP) popular interpretation. Most recently during the recent Iran elections in 2009, Armenian and Iranian-born, now American citizen Andy Madadian in collaboration with Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora recorded this song to express solidarity with the Iranian protestors against the regime. And as previously blogged here, watch this version of “Stand By Me” featuring street musicians and buskers from around the world. Lastly, here’s the original by Ben E King.