Raven O's one night stand

I throw the word legendary and iconic around loosely I know. But I really do think there are many, many talents in this world. And I think that if one is a legend or an icon, even among a small circle, then they’re worthy of praise. Inspiration is inspiration, simply put.

One such icon, one such legend, in my humble opinion is Raven O. Raven is an androgynous cabaret singer covered in tattoos and typically sporting a bleached, shorn head of hair. Feminine and masculine, coy yet abrasive. You know, one big walking contradiction. His voice is full of passion. And rage. And fear. And sex. You know, how I like my cabaret singers.

Famous in New York for joining Joey Arias and Sherry Vine at another legend/icon, Bar d’O, and then whisking away to Vegas where he was mistess of ceremonies at Cirque Du Soleil show “Zumanity.” His one man show, “Raven O – One Night With You” is now playing at the Bleecker St. Theater here in New York and I hope you make it. Who else but Raven can banter with the crowd between sets telling stories like the one where he took his heroin addicted boyfriend to a performance of “Cats” with money the singer had made hustling.

I told you he was iconic.