Post-Pop in St. Louis

I am loving Andy Magee’s artwork. A friend sent me a link to a show he’s doing in St. Louis at the Mad Art Gallery. The first image I saw, a take on Warhol’s Marilyn, is made entirely of sweetener packets. Equal, Splenda and Sweet & Low turned into art? Sugary sweet!

A quick click through Magee’s Flickr page reveals some more amazing work, like his Obama made from copper pennies and a map of the world made of army men.

Mad Art describes his work this way: “His material-based assemblage works have their roots in Pop Art iconography, but with a Postmodernized incorporation of informed materials. The results of which are multi-layered interpretive works that evoke humor, challenge perception, and highlight cultural dualities.” I think it is a shame that St. Louis is so far away. POST – POP runs through June 7th at Mad Art Gallery, located at 2727 S. 12th Street.