Pee-wee's NYC adventure

When Pee-wee Herman took to Twitter last week to announce his show, which I wrote about last year here, was coming to Broadway I nerded out in a major way. I view Herman as a style icon. His look and his show brought freaks even more mainstream. Via his TV show he taught kids of the 1980s, myself included, that inclusiveness and diversity and oddity should be celebrated, not lampooned.

Now Paul Ruebens, the actor behind Pee-Wee, the one caught jacking off and who reinvented himself as an actor outside of Pee-Wee drag, is back. Pee-Wee’s never looked better. This does not reek to me of a desperate 80s icon trying to cash in on nostalgia. It’s the rightful return of genius. Pee-Wee, welcome back and welcome to NYC. You’ve been missed more than you know.