The pedicab: a low-carbon solution for a night out drinking

What’s the carbon footprint of a night out barhopping? I’m not sure anyone’s actually measured that specifically, but a developing world staple seems to be catching on as a low-carbon transportation alternative for tourists and college students who’ve had a few too many: the pedicab.

I ran across a story about two young entrepreneurs starting a pedicab service in Muncie, Indiana, and dug into the topic a bit… and the concept seems to be catching on in bar districts around the country… and not just in major cities. Just a few of the locales in which you can catch a human-powered ride:

I’d be tempted to label use of rickshaws as a simple tourism gimmick if it wasn’t spreading so far and wide. A sign of wider consciousness about greenhouse gas emissions? A business model with a low barrier to entry? Or just greenish fun with no real substantive impact? Love to hear what you think… If you’re looking to catch a pedicab, the International Bicycle Fund keeps a relatively well-updated list of services.


Image credit: Pacifica Pedicabs at Flickr under a Creative Commons license