Paper Cut

“Paper Cut,” just one part of the Graphic Design Festival in the Netherlands, is a survey of designers and artists working not just on paper, but with paper as the primary medium. From simple and playful pieces made using the basic techniques we all experimented with in grade school like cutting, folding, gluing and collage to more detailed and intricate pieces that utilize technology like embossing and laser-cutting to create both small figures and large-scale installations (even animation) show us new ways to think about a material we usually only think of as a means to support other mediums (graphite, paint, etc.) instead of standing on its own.

Presented in conjunction with Papercraft from Gestalten and featuring many of the same artists whose work appears in the book, like Peter Lundgren, Postlerferguson and Hattie Newman. If you find yourself in the southern region of the Netherlands in the next month, consider stopping by.