"Have I met the expectations you had for me when I was born?"

Q&A from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

Although this is an older item, it’s re-circulating around the blogosphere today with Mother’s Day coming up this weekend. In 2006 as part of StoryCorps (an “oral history project collecting stories around the nation, as friends and family members interview each other in a mobile recording booth”) 12-year-old Joshua Littman, a MENSA member and honor student with Asperger’s syndrome, interviewed his mother. This conversation is the first ever animated video by StoryCorps. Watch as Josh’s questions evoke “loving, unguarded answers” from his mom which “reveal a beautiful relationship that reminds us of the best—and the most challenging—parts of being a parent.” It’s quite touching with moments of humor (“Do you have any mortal enemies?”). Read more on this at NPR. Don’t forget to call your mom this weekend!