Green tech finds (5/27/10)

Energy to ice, and cardboard to energy… and much more. Here are your green tech finds for the week:

  • Nokia still tops in greener electronics: That’s the word from Greenpeace, which released the latest update on its Guide to Greener Electronics. The Finnish company has stayed ensconced in that position; the biggest mover this time was Toshiba, which dropped from 3rd place to 14th. (via Fast Company)

  • Alabama airships: 21st Century Airships, a division of E-Green Technologies, will build its updated versions of the blimp (they prefer airships) in Alabama… so another win for the green jobs push. The vehicles can be used for transporting cargo and people very efficiently, and could even be employed by the military for high-altitude observation.

  • Back to the one-room schoolhouse: A concept for a “digital one-room schoolhouse” could provide the best of both worlds in terms of academic and social interaction… and also be a real energy saver.

  • Energy monitoring for commercial buildings: The GreenTouchscreen gives commercial building occupants an on-demand view of their specific energy use. (via Calfinder’s Remodeling Blog)

  • Efficient data center a business imperative for eBay: Heather Clancy at ZDNet’s Green Tech Pastures shows how eBay came to realize that efficient data centers aren’t just a matter of “going green,” but absolutely critical to containing costs.

  • Wind energy to ice: Glendale, California is now cooling a handful of commercial buildings with a system that makes ice during the night with cheap and available wind power. Air conditioning energy demand could be reduced by as much as 95%. (via Cleantechnica)

  • Cardboard to ethanol: What can do you with the unusable fiber left over from cardboard recycling (about 5% of the material)? International Paper is exploring turning it into fuel-grade ethanol.

Join in… share your own finds with us in the comments.


Image credit: erix! at Flickr under a Creative Commons license