Green tech finds (5/20/10)

Poop, planes, and bikes… it’s green tech finds time.

  • Poop-powered data centers: Want to run a data center more sustainably? Start shoveling! Scientists from HP’s sustainable IT ecosystem lab presented the idea of powering these energy hogs by farm wastes at the ASME International Conference on Energy Sustainability. (via GreenTech Pastures… how appropriate!)

  • The low-emission airplane? A research team at MIT has presented an airplane concept to NASA that “…is likely to use 70 percent less fuel than existing ones while slashing noise and emission of nitrogen oxides.”

  • Green garbage trucks hit NYC: The Department of Sanitation has taken delivery on compressed natural gas garbage trucks that also feature regenerative braking. No word on whether they’ll still bang dumpsters around early in the morning.

  • Zinc batteries for wind power storage? That’s a concept Newark-based Grid Storage Technologies has patented, based on the fact that zinc is more plentiful than lithium. (via NYT Green)

  • The VW electric bike: Park and ride just took on a whole new meaning! Volkswagen’s Bik.e concept is a portable, foldable electric bike designed for switching to greener transport after making the trip into town. (via GreenUpgrader)

  • Solar-powered movies: Warner Bros. has started powering film set with a mobile solar power system designed by Pure Power. (via Calfinder’s Residential Solar Power blog)

  • Chinese “ecocity” breaks ground: Finnish DigiEcoCity Oy has broken ground on an “ecocity” in the Jiangxi Province of China. When complete, this community of 100,000 will produce more energy than it consumes by combining sustainable development with digital technology. (via Good News from Finland)

If we missed something good, let us know about it in the comments.


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