Green tech finds (5/13/10) [An Open Source Approach to Clean Drinking Water] from on Vimeo.

Cajun-style oil spill clean-up, solar powered iPod speakers, and beer cans that convert to cups… your green tech finds for the week.

  • Low-tech oil clean-up: Louisiana shrimper Alex Pellegrin didn’t wait for others to come up with ideas for cleaning up the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Using shrimp netting and “blue roof” tarp, he designed a prototype for an oil skimmer.

  • Mayans were the OGBs: That’s “Original Green Builders.” Archaeologists, with help from NASA, “…have ‘unearthed’ a complete ancient Mayan city that employed a system of green urban architecture.”

  • Blast your music… courtesy of the sun: Heather Clancy at Green Tech Pastures takes note of two solar-powered speaker docks for your iPod.

  • MIT announces Clean Energy winners: The MIT Clean Energy Prize has announced its finalists. Winning ideas include an “advanced bike sharing technology” from Georgia Tech, an electricity consumption algorithm for utilities from the University of Maryland, and a nanoengineered concrete from MIT. (via EarthTechling)

  • Cops go electric: At least, that’s what Las Vegas-based Xtreme Green Products hopes, as it’s rolled out four electric vehicles designed for police use at the AFVI Expo. (via Autoblog Green)

  • Clay + coffee + poop = clean water: Non-profit Abundant Water has taken a cheap water filter design from Australian scientist Tony Flynn that uses these ingredients, and is testing it out in Laos. Check out the video above… (via Blue Living Ideas)

  • The beer cup-can: SAB Miller has created a beer can that “that converts into a drinking cup when the top has been removed.” Designed for sporting events, the can serves not only to reduce waste (since beer drinkers can get their cup refilled), but also eliminate “beer missiles” that angry spectators sometimes throw. The design will launch at the World Cup in South Africa. (via Environmental Leader)

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