Geekiest marriage proposal ever

Warning: only hardcore nerds — or those with a soft spot for hardcore nerds — will find this YouTube footage touching. It goes on for a while, you can’t quite see what’s going on, and there’s no climactic applause and shouts of congratulations at the end. But with a little background info, it becomes more satisfying: game designer Anders Howard, with the help of his friends, designed a video game to propose to his girlfriend Steffany; he got friends and family together for a launch event of the game and had her test drive it in front of everyone; in it, a Steffany-look-alike has to walk around a cartoon city collecting food (she writes a foodie blog called Dinner Love) and along the way gets help from an Anders-look-alike, as well as flowers, love letters and ultimately a ring. Super geeks can even play the game for themselves here — though there won’t be anyone at the end with a ring for you to save you from your solitary life in front of your computer.