Documentary: What happened to the $%!#ing Winnebago Man?

For YouTube’s 5 year anniversary celebration, guest curator Conan O’Brien selected the Winnebago Man (see above) as a noteworthy video. With over 1.6 million views to date on YouTube, this (hilarious) video compilation of profanity laced outtakes from a 1988 Winnebago commercial starred a very frustrated salesman Jack Rebney, or better known as the Winnebago Man. Jack’s fame (unbeknownst to him) as a result of his tirade actually predates the Internet age by about 15 years. The video crew that worked on the commercial spliced and recorded the outtakes and circulated tapes of it widely amongst themselves and friends. According to this Business Insider article, rumors had it that even “film director Spike Jonze once made 100 different VHS copies of the “Winnebago Man” and gave them away as Christmas gifts.”

In the eponymous documentary WINNEBAGO MAN, filmmaker Ben Steinbauer interviews members of the commercial’s video crew, and after hiring a private investigator tracks Jack down to a remote cabin in California where until recently he was unaware of his entry into the pantheon of Internet viral fame. WINNEBAGO MAN is scheduled for national release on July 9.