Chinatown couple saves Banksy

There’s an irony that has accompanied Banksy’s fame which makes his graffiti a target for churlish defacement, as seen in this recent example where someone splashed yellow paint on one of Banksy’s newer pieces in San Francisco. It’s reminiscent of the anonymous splasher who riveted the New York street art community and the blogosphere back in 2007 with their indiscriminate and to some blasphemous paint bombings of street art and murals across the city. However, along with the unwanted attention Banksy might receive from haters and taggers, he has also gathered defenders and supporters from unlikely groups, such as this older Chinese couple carefully scrubbing away the yellow paint and restoring Banksy’s “Peaceful Hearts” which was stenciled on their building in Chinatown. Darwin Bell captured some neat photos of them hard at work.

[Hat tip: @hragv]