Architect creates 24 rooms in a 344 square foot apartment

Hong Kong based architect Gary Chang designed a stunning and inspiring multi-purpose home that maximizes every inch of space available in his 344 square foot apartment. What he calls his “domestic transformer,” his apartment can be reconfigured into 24 different rooms and uses, including a screening room with a hammock. This is accomplished by creatively utilizing high-tech sliding walls. So for example, the linen closet shifts to reveal a soaker bathtub which in turn supports a pull down guest bed. Hiding behind his television is a full kitchen. Moreover, his usage of mirrors suggests both the illusion of more space as well as increasing the light value in the area. After watching this video, I went home to my apartment, looked around at my decidedly un-transformer space and cried like I was staring at Marina Abramovic.

[Hat tip: @CardiffGarcia]