The wisdom of Twitter: You ain't for me

We love to browse the “trending topics” at Twitter to see what people are tweeting about across the world. Where else can you get relationship wisdom from millions of people simultaneously? Our most recent favorite topic is the hash tag #YouAintForMe. Here are twenty recent ones for your edification — though we guarantee that by the time this post goes live, a few more thousand will have been tweeted. (By the way, you can follow us here on Twitter.)

  1. MiszMaddy: if you tried to get at my bestie, #youAinTForMe
  2. BenedicteCakes: skinny jeans? #YouAintForMe
  3. jt_makemoves: #youaintforme if you cant play the faithful part…no time for infidelity
  4. DOMO_PUTitDOWN: #youaintforme if you care more about your looks then you do your education
  5. wendy81ian: if i gotta fight a bitch over your ass #youaintforme
  6. shondUHa: #imjustsayin If you been checkin me out 4 the past 2 yrs an you aint even tried to aproach me 4 my name yet SORRY man #youaintforme
  7. ashleyburjess: you’re still hung up on your ex and that’s why #youaintforme
  8. NiNi2k11: if u stay in the beauty supply store more than i do then #YouAintForMe
  9. _GuyanasBeauty: If You’re A Dude & Type “Lolszzz” Or “Lolzzz” #YouAintForMe
  10. _GuyanasBeauty: You Wanna Take Me To The Movies But Tryna Catch It Before 5:30 for the cheap price #YouAintForMe
  11. Mofochronicles: #youaintforme if you still tryin to get that rap career off the ground and your azz is 45 living in ya mammys basement
  12. ElzdaDJ: If agree to meet me at Chick-Fil-a for dinner every Sunday #youAintForMe
  13. jessy_brit0: If you ain’t got Jesus #YouAintForMe
  14. BriStarrr: #YouAintForMe if we can’t watch porn togetha at nite
  15. rayBRANDnew: #youaintforme if my mama dont like you. She’s always right in the end.
  16. tG2D: #youaintforme if you find it maddening 2 hold my purse 4 just 1 sec! ! :-P
  17. kijanashantel: #youaintforme if you have to call or text me every 5mins to see what I’m doing
  18. charliesGrl08: #youaintforme if your teeth and sneakers arent looking right…tells me a lot about you….
  19. sagemikado: If you hating on my sneakers… #youaintforme
  20. StevenfRESCO: You look like you haven’t eaten in years #youaintforme


photo by faster_panda_kill_kill